What do we do?

the Internet in our building is provided by the Network group. We obtain our brandwidth (at the moment 1 Gbit/s) from the IT Center Aachen and distribute it through Ethernet and WiFi (Eduroam) through the dorm.

We definitely do more stuff in addition to Network management.

Managing the Websites

are you interested in programing and/or webdesign? or do you want to leard how programing works? We manage the website of our dorm and the website of (Symposion) “our Tavern”, as well as the intern Wikis and our intern Management-website. (Python, WordPress, PHP, Djangp, Git, LDAP,..) keywords you might be familiar to or might get you interested.

Hast du Interesse an Programmierung und/oder Webdesign? Oder willst Programmieren lernen? Wir verwalten die Webseite des Hauses und auch der Bar (Symposion) sowie interne Wikis und unsere interne Verwaltungswebseite. Stichpunkte die evtl. dein Interesse wecken: Python, WordPress, PHP, Django, Git, LDAP, …

Network-tech and Server

In order to provide everyone with internet in the dorm, we need to have a good network-infrastructure. This “infrastructure” is being modernised! Keywords for your appetite: virtualizing, Promox, Ceph, 10Gbit, Cloud, …

We definitely still need people to help with bilding up the sites and with administrating! no previous Knowledge? doesnt matter, neither do we , or at least we didn’t have before the Network group. 😛

Planed prjoects

Depending on how much time and desire we have we work on extra projects too. In cas you have innovative ideas for us for a new project, then please get in contact! For the future in horizon we can work on a lot of new projects.

For example we are working on an NFC-access-system for the Fitness room, which will give all residents access to the room and thus more flexible training times. Possible project is, a dorm-printer which the residents can use for free paying only the costs of materials. We are still looking for a suitable solution for the paying-problem and for the proccessing of the documents that are to be printed.

In case you’re interested in the work or one of the other projects, you can come by to our weekly meeting (currently each Thursday evening, you can write us an email in advance or just ask in the Telegram group, if it’s gonna take place, and where is it gonna be.